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Sasuke Uchiha (CastleFalcon) quickly retaliates by acting clam, and returning to his food. After a while of eating and conversing over a meal and a glass of wine, Sasuke excuses himself from the table, and speedily walks over to the bathroom. Right after entering the bathroom, Sasuke thinks to himself; "I...must....leave...must....find...that....ring...!!". Spotting a window within the bathroom, he opens it, and exits the building, only to land in a dumpster.

Back with Sakura Haruno (CastleFalcon); she is begining to grow suspicious, having observed the speed Sasuke utalized while walking over to the bathroom.

After getting out of the dumpster, a few thugs encounter Sasuke, however, they are all quickly brought down by him, through the use of hand-to-hand combat.

Sakura has been waiting for 10 minutes now.

Chapter 8Edit

Sasuke quickly runs over to his car, gets in, turns it on, and litterally drives off. Sakura is offered a glass of wine by the waitors, however, she declines the offer. Driving at 120 miles per hour on the streets, he is stopped, and is given a ticket. Luckily, the cop was faster than most, and the entire process of giving a ticket out took only 5 minutes. Sakura is still alone at the table, starting to worry. In order to calm herself, she begins texting.

Sasuke finally arrives at the Campus, only to run up the stairs, bardge into his dorm where the ring is sitting on the dining room table, and quickly grab the ring, which is in its respective case. Sasuke would then run back to his car, taking a shortcut, however, the car is crashed against a tree, completley totalling it. Without a scratch, Sasuke gets out.

He begins to run; completely determined to give Sakura the ring. He runs even faster towards the restaurant, the ring case tightly grasped in his hand. It's been one hour and a half, and Sakura is litterally about to cry.

Sasuke is still running for his life; with only a short way to go until he reaches the restaurant door.

Sakura grabs her belongings, and gets up after leaving a pay-check while thinking to herself; "That's it...I'm sorry Sasuke, but we can't go on any more..". Just after turning her back to the table, with tears falling from her eyes, she hears many gasps, and the slamming of a door.

Sasuke has bardged into the restaurant. He's panting, sweating, and resisting; still running towards Sakura. Seeing this, Sakura's sorrowful expression is turned into one of complete astonishment. That's where Sasuke bows down infront of her, with the ring case in hand.

Sakura's eyes widen, her expression completley blank.

Sasuke opens his mouth, only to lightly utter the words: "Sakura, will you marry me?".

The entire restaurant pauses; Sakura breaks into tears while smiling.

"Ofcourse I will, Sasuke!".