Neji Hyuga (CastleFalcon), a quite calm and collected man who's quite short, a little below Gaara's height (Gaara is 5'6", while Neji is 5'5") sits on the rugged floors of his room, wondering when Gaara would get back. Playing his electric guitar, who's metal is as shiny as the light above it, the nice latin-tone that he is playing mixes in with ambiance the night. As he plays, Tenten suprisingly walks into the door; she's a bit shorter than Neji.

Chapter 9Edit

Tenten would look at Neji's solem face, which brings her to remark, "Neji, why so sad?". Neji nicely brings the peacful music to an end, to which he would reply, "It's Gaara (CastleFalcon)...he never has time for us anymore..". Tenten simply chuckles, to which she would bring about a small picture of Matsuri (CastleFalcon) from her pocket. Accomodating it through the strings of Neji's guitar, she would begin to explain, "Her name's Matsuri...she's practically going out with Gaara....". Neji would smile upon hearing the words, bringing him to excitingly say, "That's great! After all these years, he found a girlfriend! No wonder he's never here...".

Tenten would confortably set herself beside Neji, only to rest her head upon his shoulder. Closing her eyes, she would begin to speak of her history with Neji, "Oh Neji....I remember you asking me out in middle school in the Swan Park...beneath the tea booth!". Neji's smiley expression would turn into a warm and yet confortable look, as he blushes, putting his arm around Tenten's upper body. He would quietly speak, his voice adding onto the peaceful ambiance in Tenten's prespective, " gladly said yes...then I bought us some tea, and we talked about our previous feelings for eachother...". Tenten would quickly come up with the idea of; "How about we go back to the tea re-live the moment? The tea house is open 24 hours a day, you know...". Neji simply gets up, puts on his shoes, and grabs the car keys. The suddent rush of movement slightly irritates Tenten, to which Neji would simply say, "Let's go!".

Tenten cheers up at the sound of the words, to which she would run up to Neji, who is walking over to the outside of the dorm. Locking the door, he would walk over to his car, and turn it on, to which Tenten excitingly enters. Surprisingly, the heavyily sleeping Rock Lee (CastleFalcon) and Choji Akimichi (CastleFalcon) don't even notice them exiting the dorm.

Arriving at the beautiful scene; a small tea house ontop of a hill, where the beauty of the moon shines over the sky, Neji would romantically escort Tenten out of the car, and over to the tea house.

After ordering the tea, Neji would simply sit down beside Tenten beneath the roof of the ordering booth, just like they did in Middle School.

In peace, the two would begin to talk about their feelings for eachother.