200px-Naruhina Hikane
Name: Hikane Uzumaki
Family: Naruto Uzumaki (CastleFalcon), Hinata Hyuga (CastleFalcon) Ichiro Uzumaki (CastleFalcon), Minato Namikaze (CastleFalcon), Kushina Uzumaki (CastleFalcon), Hiashi Hyuga (CastleFalcon).
Age: 3 months - 3 years, 12 - 13 years
Occupation: Student
Martial Status: Has a boyfriend
Education(s): Konoha Middle
Appears in: Naruto: Family, Naruto: Hikane; comming soon
Hair: light-pink
Eyes: Blue

Hikane Haru Hyuga Uzumaki is the daughter of Hinata Hyuga (CastleFalcon) and Naruto Uzumaki (CastleFalcon). She is the main protagonist of Naruto: Hikane.


At first, Hikane took on the appearance of a chubby baby girl upon birth, however, as she began growing and began to resemble her father more than her mother; even the Hyuga trademark didn't reach her (white eyes).

Later on, she wears an orange dress, wrist warmers, and converse; a very alternative look that matches her pink hair.


Like Naruto, she is very outgoing and enthusiastic, something everyone loved about her; including her boyfriend, Itsuki. However, like her mother, she is very caring and positive, which gives her the type of personality that makes her want to get along with everyone; mainly because of respect.


Naruto: Family