Likes: Clarie Powell & Alexa Bond, She also loves Pop Music & Acting Silly.
Dislikes: The Hospital, School, and Laquanda Wilson.
Enjoys: Boys, Talking, Singing, Dancing, Shopping, the Mall, Movies
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Favorite Food: Sushi, Sea Food, Veggies, Weight Watchers Food.
Favorite Drinks: Smoothies & Water & Juice
Favorite Color: Neon Pink

Kelly Carlson is the main character of the Funny Series. Her best friends are Clarie Powell and Alexa Bond. They are noticably stupid, and lack common sense. Kelly loves to be with her friends and like Clarie loves to listen to music.

Character BioEdit

Kelly is on a diet, and tries to limit her fatty-foods intake. She's quite sexy, but, like her friends, is a complete airhead. Kelly is in College, and is studying beauty. She's thinking about leaving because she thinks that the hair-cutting tools are going to hunt her down at night because of her naughtiness. She loves to shop, considering she spent $5,000 on clothes at Macy's.


She loves to watch Reality T.V shows. Her favorite reality shows are "Bridezillas", "Beverly Hills Nannies", and "The Kardashians". She also loves anime; "Naruto" is her favorite anime show. She enjoys "talking" Japanese. She thinks she talks it correctly, but in reality it's completley jibberish. When she's at the nail salon, she begins to talk to the Chinese and Japanese ladies with her "perfect Japanese".

Spongebob is her rolemodel and she follows his example. She buys bubbles and when she's alone she talks to a fake starfish because she thinks it's cute. Strangely, she has a pet squid named squidward.


Kelly's Car.

Her stupidies include: Stepping out of a circle and laughing while a trucker was destroying her car, reading an entire phonebook and hoping it wouldn't get an award, having her friend spin the table around for her while she screwed in a lightbulb, talking her jibberish in a sushi restaurant, cracking racist jokes infront of a black woman, stopped calling 911 because there wasn't an 11 button on her phone, calling a plumber once a week because her shower water doesn't turn hot when she wants it to.

Theme Song Edit

I'm An Ugly Girl lyrics

I'm An Ugly Girl lyrics

"I'm an Ugly Girl" is Kelly's Theme Song.