Alexa BondChapter 10: Naruto & Hinata, face to faceChapter 10: Pull the Trigger
Chapter 11: Hinata, long kiss goodbye.Chapter 12: Out of Bullets, long kiss goodbyeChapter 1: A New Year
Chapter 1: MeetingChapter 1: TimeskipChapter 2: Gaara's Temperment
Chapter 2: Introducing Omoi & KaruiChapter 2: Past, PresentChapter 3: "Aighhht..."
Chapter 3: After SchoolChapter 3: What happens?Chapter 4: First Date
Chapter 4: Hinata and Naruto, no more!Chapter 5: Fight for love!Chapter 5: Naru-Hina
Chapter 5: Shocking SurpriseChapter 6: AdjunctionChapter 6: Karin
Chapter 6: Sasuke's TurnChapter 7: Day off, Matsuri and GaaraChapter 7: Nightlight Beach
Chapter 7: Sasuke's Turn, Part 2Chapter 8: Apology, declined.Chapter 8: Confession of Matsuri
Chapter 8: Sasuke's Turn, Part 3Chapter 9: Gaara's Tempterment: ChangeChapter 9: Neji & Tenten
Chapter Four: Ramen night, UnexpectedChoji Akimichi (CastleFalcon)Clarie Powell
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