Neji gif
Neji Hyuga is a member of Gaara (CastleFalcon)'s possy.

Neji is very strict, and arrogant. As stated by Hinata Hyuga (CastleFalcon) in Chapter 3: After School, he is usually seen kissing Tenten (CastleFalcon), since the two are together. He is usually treated as Gaara (CastleFalcon)'s second in command. It is revealed in Chapter 2: Past, Present that Neji saved Gaara's life, after an attempted suicide.

Neji has white eyes, just like his sister, Hinata. He wears a t-shirt, jeans, converse, and a pendant. In college, he wears a navy-blue hoodie, basket-ball shorts, jordons, and a golden necklace.

Hinata is dissapointed at Neji, due to the fact that he is a close friend of Gaara's.