Sasuke is a main protagonist in the Naruto: Senior Year and Naruto: College Freshmen fanfiction.

Sasuke is the most popular guy in school. Despite being popular, he has a crush on the school reject; Sakura Haruno (CastleFalcon). Girls like him because of his attributes. This changes quite a bit in college, since the campus is much bigger. Sakura, however, is still his lover.

Upon entering art class, he became rivals with Sai (CastleFalcon). It is revealed that Sasuke was a drawer, though Sai was even better, causing a rivalry between the two. When Sai was moved over to the position of assistant-dean, Sasuke was angered, yet releaved at the same time. Sasuke becomes the assistant of Orochimaru & Kabuto (CastleFalcon), the school's science teachers.

Sasuke as black hair, which he keeps spiked in the back. He wears a black button-down shirt with a punkish design, skinny jeans, and slip-ons. In college, he wears black skinny jeans, a white collar shirt, black converse, a studded belt, and a golden necklace.