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Blue eyes
"Seven years ago, my wife died in a car explosion. It was like my world came crashing down before my very eyes. My heart stopped and my being was incomplete. I feel no love , no life, no future. Will I ever know who did this to her? Will I ever be able to give the person the pain they gave me? The answer is yes, because I know who did it; I just need to figure out how.. so now let's rewind."

- Seven years earlier..... It was a Friday; the sunniest day Chicago had seen in a long time. We had only been married for two years now. She was the love of my life, I remember we woke up that morning, had breakfast and she was off without saying a goodbye; she left as if she knew something was gonna happen, but if she did why wouldn't she tell me about it? Then about two hours later I got phone call ... and you know the rest.... she was gone from my life like that. I've been searching for seven years to come up with what happened to her, in order to have peace with myself, knowing that the person who did it will pay. I have been living in the same house we bought together to keep some part of her alive. She loved the house.... and so did I. I remember the night before we were laying in bed and she turned her head. She looked into my eyes, and told me books are what hold the key.

Present Day

This morning I woke up and did what I've always done; drank my coffee, read the newspaper and headed off to work. There was a fix-up, though; it seems that I have misplaced my car keys. So, of course, I begin to search for them. As im searching for my car keys, I come across the bookshelf. There's a strange book - I've never seen it.... It's title was "books are what hold the key". I almost couldn't believe it! This was what my wife meant! Is this a message from her ?? What's inside?? Is she alive???

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